Did you know we attract everything in our environment? I know it sounds crazy, but it's TRUE.

This FREE ebook is something I wrote for you to understand how I made my biggest life changes FAST.
  • WHO:  This book is for motivated self growth aficionados
  •  WHAT: Explains the simple concepts the spiritual gurus and top coaches live by
  • WHY: So you can connect more with who you are
  •  TIME: This is a fifteen minute read
  •  GIFT: It's FREE!
Why do 'inside' and 'outside' connect?
Sacred Space: How your inner world connects to your outer world explains...
why things are
How we've attracted the people, places, and things around us.
what stress means
What we need to know to change our environment quickly.
what we can change
How editing things in our environment can create inner change.
how to change them
Where and how to begin these changes.
secrets about how to get the results you want out of your life the other coaches aren't telling you.
Can the perfect life be as simple as saying 'no' to what doesn't feel right and saying 'yes' to what does?

Yes! But sometimes you need some tools as to how to switch gears and start living like this. 

Most people accept that the environment around them is the way it is - that it can't simply be changed to suit your desires. 

You CAN tap into your desire so that your environment changes naturally. 
Learn how I help people connect with WHO they are with WHERE they are. I explain the foundation of this approach in in my free eBook, SACRED SPACES: How to connect your inner and outer world.
how does being surrounded in beauty lead to freedom?
Everyone has the potential to transform. 
I teach you how.
Years experience studying and helping people create beauty and freedom in their lives
Clients' lives transformed
Testimonial: Elizabeth D., Hair Stylist
Reading this feels so affirming. It helps me to see a bit more clearly what my priorities are to be and at the same time affirms that I am already on the right track toward ordering them in a better way.
  •  Places have energy
  •  Joy and clutter cannot coexist
  •  Self growth is excellerated by changing our environment 
'To be authentic you must be living outwardly as you are inwardly.' - Michelle Andersen, Sacred Space: How to connect your inner world to your outer world
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