Hi! I'm Michelle Andersen, Entrepreneur, Design Director & Social Media Marketing Expert.

I started a landscape design build company in 2010 and loved it. The one thing that I hated was doing sales and marketing...so I became obsessed with how to make sales and marketing easy

Today I help entrepreneurs use social media marketing to make more money online. If you want to start a Social Media Marketing Agency, or learn how to use social media marketing for your own brand, join the SMMA Boss tribe and learn the right strategies so you can build your empire from anywhere.

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In order to achieve success, I believe

If you can get the right skillset to work, the money will follow. Learn what skillsets are right for you to make money online with me. I also explain the mindset you need to build your empire, and have fun doing it.

Get the Right Skillset.

The ONLY Facebook Ad Blueprint You Need

Get my Facebook Ad Blueprint to find out:
  • ​Why the Facebook Ads you have already run aren't working, and learn the simple changes to make them work
  • ​How ANYONE can use Facebook Ads to grow their business and how I used them to turn mine into a 4 Hour Work Week
  • ​Tips you can use today to improve your Facebook Ad strategy that even most experts aren't using

How I Created a 4 Hour Work Week, 7 Figure Business...

Watch this FREE training to learn:
  • ​How to use social media marketing the RIGHT way, and avoid all the mistakes I made that cost me lots of time and money
  • ​How ANYONE can use the power of Facebook Ads to grow their business, even if they've NEVER run Facebook Ads before
  • ​How you can start a Social Media Marketing Agency today, even with zero dollars to start, and no prior experience

Join the SMMA Boss Course Today!

SMMA Boss is the most detailed and easy to follow course on how to run Facebook Ads and start a Social Media Marketing Agency and includes...
  • ​Over 100+ videos that show you over my shoulder how to do everything from learn Facebook Ads A to Z to start your agency from scratch
  • ​Access our private SMMA Boss Facebook Group and Live Q&A sessions with me to have accountability & coaching as you learn and grow
  • ​Get all the templates and scripts you need to get and onboard clients as well as funnels you can plug and play, and so much more...

Get the Right Mindset.

Understand How The People, Places, and Things in Your Life Hold You Back! (FREE eBook)

Do you wonder why you keep making the same mistakes over and over? Even though you practice improving your mindset, but you are still stuck this book with show you...
  • Learn how your environment is your mirror and how you can change it to manifest your desires
  • Find out why the people, places, and things hold us back and learn what you can do to change that
  • Understand the role your outer world plays with your inner thoughts and how you can impact that

Jump Start Your Business with the Manifestor Academy Kit

If you are stuck in your business, or know you have an idea, but aren't sure where to begin, and you want to get clear on your direction this kit will help you...
  • Clarify your next steps with a brainstorming worksheet so you can start achieving your goal instead of wondering where to start
  • Understand your ideal client and how to market to them so you can start getting the RIGHT clients
  • Create a budget that will help you break down how much money your business needs to be bringing in, and lots more!!

Create Momentum.

Work With Michelle

Coaching & Speaking Engagements

  • Coaching: Full Day Retreat, 8 week, 6 Month, and Full Year Packages are currently available for 1 on 1 coaching 
  • Strategy Sessions: One off sessions are currently unavailable
  • Speaking Engagements: Booking now for Fall 2020 and 2021, limited availability

Improve Your Environment.

Get Michelle's Landscape Expertise 

Landscape Design & Installation

  • Landscaping: Michelle's Design and Installation Team are fully functional under her direction 
  • Consultation: Work with Designer, Chris Walden, fully trained by Michelle for landscape ideas
  • Landscape DIY: Find Resources to help you with your home landscape projects like a deer proofing book, DIY Landscape course and more!

Hang out with me.

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